Friday, December 15, 2006

The Darkness Compendium

"Mafia hit-man Jackie Estacado thought he had it all figured out. After he did his first "job" for the family at 16 years old he knew that, although short, his life would be filled with money, sex, and power. But on his 21st birthday, Jackie inherited the family secret?an unholy power known only as The Darkness--that would change his life forever. Now virtually unstoppable at night or in the shadows, he is master of his dark domain. Little does he know, that the Darkness now has plans of it's own for Jackie.

The Darkness is a bd novel by Top Cow Productions, Inc. created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis and David Whol.
Now they have made a Compendium out of it!

You can read/preview some of its pages here: The Darkness Compendium.

Graphically is very good and the story seems really good.

You can also buy the original issues here: The Darkness - Top Cow Productions.

Helsing Ultimate: The Interview

Anime News Network has published a very good interview with the three artists who did the english dubs for the Hellsing TV Series. The theme is the 2006 OVA "Hellsing Ultimate".

"Years ago, director Taliesin Jaffe, voice actor Crispin Freeman, and producer Jonathan Klein collaborated on the first English language track for the TV version of what would become one of the premiere anime franchises in America - Hellsing - and produced one of the most celebrated English dubs in the history of the medium. Now, in 2006, these three artists - along with the entire original cast - have come together to once more bring the series to life. We sat down with them for a candid chat about diving in to Hellsing Ultimate."

Check out the complete interview here: » Hellsing Ultimate: The Interview «

Early Horror Writings

If you are interested on a bit of history concerning gothic literature, old horror fiction and ancient ghost stories, you should check out this article - Early Horror Writings - which was posted on a blog called Horror Mania.

Here's a preview:

"Horrific situations are found in the earliest recorded tales. Many myths and legends feature scenarios and archetypes used by later horror writers. Tales of demons and vampires in ancient Babylonian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese folklore, and tales collected by the Grimm Brothers, were often quite horrific. [...]"

It talks about the roots of modern horror fiction, mentioning some well known writers (at least for those of us who really enjoy this kind of literature as our bedside reading) dated from the 1700's to the present day.

Although is not really an extensive article it gives a pretty neat perspective and grounds for more research for the ones who are new to this kind of thing.

Hope you like it.