Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Slayer" on DVD

For those vampire lovers out there, here's another promising release from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The first look tells me it's going to have lots of blood and action, some known faces, like Jennifer O'Dell (from the "CSI: Miami" TV series), Casper Van Dien (from the "Sleepy Hollow" movie), Kevin Grevioux (from "Underworld"), Danny Trejo (from "The Devil's Rejects") and others that are not so known but nonetheless great actors.

It was written and directed by Kevin VanHook.
Funny thing is... The director's son, Cameron, plays one of the vampires!

The story brings back the old and always current topic of the battle for land. But this time humans fight against those who are not human. In this case, a new breed of ugly and famined vampires imune to daylight.

And if you think you can take them out with common garlic, holy watter and crosses... Well... Think again! "They don't know what God is"!. What works? Hum... Let's see... Stakes and Heads-Off only!
The only problem is, they have all a human doesn't have: inhuman strength, inhuman intelligence, and all the vampire requirements.

Apart from the morbid story we have the wonderful scenario of Puerto Rico, which can even make us feel "at home" within all that horror.

Make sure you don't miss it!

Here's the press-release:

Dear Journalist:

The jungle. Beautiful. Lush. Dangerous. Every year, new species of creatures are discovered within the world's jungles, just as others become extinct. On November 21st, Anchor Bay Entertainment will release Slayer , a story of a company of soldiers sent on a mission into the South American jungle where they discover a new breed of vampire, deadly by day as well as by night! Written and directed by Kevin VanHook (Voodoo Moon , The Fallen Ones , The Damned) and starring Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow ) and Jennifer O'Dell (“CSI: Miami,” “The Closer,” “Nip/Tuck”), Slayer is a terrifying update on the vampire legend and with an SRP of $19.98, it won't drain you. Pre-book is October 11, 2006.

Slayer begins when a peace-keeping army is dispatched to a remote jungle in South America to investigate a series of horrific attacks. Headed by Captain Tom ‘Hawk' Hawkins (Van Dien) and his second-in-command Grieves (Kevin Grevioux – Underworld , “Angel”, Bowfinger), the squad finds itself in a deadly confrontation with a nest of vampires impervious to daylight. And these vampires are growing in number, for they have gone beyond preying on the local villagers. Now they are directing their thirst towards Hawk's fellow officers, intent on absorbing their military knowledge for their own bloody campaign!

Slayer co-stars Lynda Carter (“Wonder Woman”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Sky High ), cult movie favorite Danny Trejo ( The Devil's Rejects , All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos ) and former Miss Puerto Rico Joyce Giraud (“Joey”, Dude, Where's My Car? ) – and look for Kevin VanHook's son, Cameron, as one of the vampires!

The Slayer DVD also hosts a slew of sinister supplements including:

  • Widescreen presentation (1.78:1), enhanced for 16x9 televisions
  • Audio commentary by Writer/Director Kevin VanHook and Star Casper Van Dien
  • Photo and concept art gallery
  • Script ( DVD -ROM)

Filmed on location in Puerto Rico, including the famous Rio Camuy Caves , Slayer presents an epic battle between the living and the undead against a suitably savage landscape. With its unique interpretation of one of horror's most popular legends, anyone with a stake in vampires will want to take a bite out of Slayer !

Street Date: November 21, 2006
Pre-Book: October 11, 2006
Catalog #: N9000
UPC: 0-1313-89000-8 1
Run Time: 87 Minutes
Rating: Horror
SRP : $19.98

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