Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Rebellion Of Genetic Mutant Sheep

Now it's the Sheep you'll have to fear!! Ah ah... After killer bees, killer ants, killer bats... what more was there to see? maybe a killer pig? no.... Genetic manipulated sheep terrorize New Zealand.

The movie is called "Black Sheep", and it is a horror/comedy movie (the comedy part comes as no surprise when one reads the headlines) from Jonathan King.

In the schlock horror comedy Black Sheep, a flock of sheep turn bloodthirsty killers through genetic experimentation gone wrong. (The Age)

There you have it, the review from The Age: Violence Of The Lambs in New Zealand.

New Movie For Horror Icon

Robert Englund, the face behind Freddy Krueger (the vilain from the "Nightmare In Elm Street" series), talks about how these movies changed his life to Canada.com.

Englund has starred as a "strange creature" in a multitude of films and TV series - such as "Night Rider", "V" (as Willie, the alien), "Charmed", "Babylon 5" - but it was Freddy who really kicked his career up.

"It was some time after it came out," he said. "I was signing autographs at a science-fiction convention in New York, as a result of V, and the line (of people looking for autographs) changed from my nerdy sci-fi fans and horny Trekkies and it became the Freddy fans — girls in dog-collars and mohawks, and a lot of black. That’s when I realized it had really taken off."
You can read the whole interview here: "Horror Icon Creating New Buzz"