Monday, April 17, 2006

Uncle and Aunt Serial Killers

"Bizarre Comic Book Based On True Life Elderly Serial Killers Released

King Tractor Press is releasing the first issue of Family Bones in May 2006. The first in an on-going series based on the Copeland murders."

Promo by © Erik Wilson

The story of the comics book tells us about a city teen named Sean who ends up having to live in the country with his uncles for a whole summer... And those two are Ray and Faye Copeland, the famous elderly serial killers!
Here is the complete press release for this: PRWeb

Seams like a good idea! Look they give us a page to enjoy from the 1st volume (the page #4):

You can see other pages in the King Tractor Films page (the first set of links I give you below...).

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If you care to read about the true story behind the comics here are some useful links:

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