Friday, November 10, 2006

"Devil Water" #2 and "Family Bones" #2

Remember the "Family Bones" comics I told you about some months ago? The one with the elder serial killers? No? Really?? You have not been paying attention!

Ok now, don't worry, it's still here: Uncle and Aunt Serial Killers and here: "The Elders Strike Again".

Now you can get them with "Devil Water" #2, also from King Tractor Films, a Western Horror Comedy, with excellent offers.

You can find more info on this promotion here: Devil Water #2 and Family Bones #2.

Something To Be Desired (STBD) Halloween Special

Just imagine this... You are throwing a halloween party right?! And all of the suddenly... ZOMBIES COME IN!!
You can run, you can TRY to hide, but eventually THEY WILL KILL YOU with laughter!
Zombies who know Karate (or Kung Fu?!?)! A vegetarian zombie! Women who rock at killing zombies! The doubt and the question of what man should be left alive for the end of the world! Ok ok... I won't spoil it anymore!

And plus... It is completely FREE! All in Something To Be Desired Halloween Special!

Really!! These guys are great!!

And the good news is: It's not all about zombies! It's an entire series online!

I advise you to start with their "First Time" video so you can understant the whole thing in less than 5 minutes.

I hope you like it as much as I did!