Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dark Animes: Requiem Of The Darkness

The Story:

It's the end of the Edo period and the darkness means fearing real monsters.
Momosuke Yamaoka is an aspiring author workink on a book called "The 100 Stories".
He ends up meeting a misterious trio of scoundrels, known as the Mataichi gang, who judge criminals for karmic debts "in the name of the Ongyo...".

It has 13 (so far?) episodes of gore, horror and supernatural feelings.

The Trailer:

The Characters:
  • Momosuke, "The Riddler"

    He wanders from place to place, seeking tales of ghosts and the supernatural to write in his book "The 100 Stories".
    His title, the Riddler, refers to the childish riddles he thinks up.

  • Ogin, "The Pupeteer"
    A lonesome woman with a bright personality with seemingly no bad points.
    The term Puppeteer refers to how she will manipulate a puppet on one hand while she recites Gidayu ballads.

  • Mataichi, "The Karmic Enforcer"
    He is the leader of the gang, named after him.
    A faithless man who dresses as a priest, enjoys the wild bohemian life - women, alcohol, gambling and all its vices.
    No one knows anything about his past.

  • Nagamimi, "The Bird Caller"
    The old trusty partner of Mataichi who possess many powers.
    A wise gentle-hearted giant, master of the disguise.
    The term Bird Caller refers to his ability to call birds by means of a
    whistle which mimics their song.

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