Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vampire Myths Around the World: Babylon (Ancient)

People who suffered a premature or violent death, were unfulfilled in love or simply had an improper burial were destined to become one of the most feared vampires in Assyria and Babylon.

This ancient spirit was the result of the soul of the recently deceased being trapped in limbo unable to find peace.

It would therefore wander the earth and attack those unfortunate enough to cross its path.

Source: VampGirl.Com

Also called 'Lilith'.

This vampire, found in Jewish/Babylonian myth, drank the blood of babies and young children.

Source: VampGirl.Com

This vampire spirit is another instance of a 'trapped soul', in that the 'Utukku' was thought to be the spirit of someone who had recently died but had returned from the grave unable to find rest.

There are, however, some instances in which this 'vampire' is described as a demon so I unfortunately I cannot be more precise on this one.

Source: VampGirl.Com

Vampire Myths Around the World: Australia

Yara-Ma-Yha-Who : This vampirelike creature is found in aboriginal culture. The 'Yara-Ma-Yha-Who' has the appearance of a four foot tall red man with an exceptionally large head and mouth. Having no teeth, this creature swallows its food whole and uses suckers on the ends of its toes and fingers to drain its victim of blood. This vampire, like the 'Asasabonsam' of Africa, hides in fig trees and attacks people as they walk underneath. According to Legend if you were unlucky enough to be attacked more than once by this creature you might gradually become shorter and eventually become a 'Yara-Ma-Yha-Who' yourself.

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Vampire Myths Around the World: Albania

Lugat : The 'Lugat' does not kill its victims, it will only feed briefly on them and, as such, is relatively harmless.

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Vampire Myths Around the World: Armenia

Dakhanavar : (also called 'Dashnavar') This mountain spirit attacks travellers in the night, sucking blood from the soles of their feet as they sleep. Legend tells that it was outwitted by two men who slept with their feet under each others head. The vampire was then confused and ran away never to be seen again.

Source: VampGirl.Com