Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dark Animes: Karas

This appears to be one hell of a release! Hope you like the sneaks as well as I did...

For now I'll have to leave you with some previews. I promise I'll write something about it after I see it!

Some press comments about this anime:

"Top 5 most anticipated anime of 2006" - Anime Insider

"... Impossible to tear yourself away" - Newtype USA

"Anime's Batman Begins" - Anime Insider

You can download a PDF version of the press release here: Karas' Press Release

Interesting Links About This Anime:

For the DVD / OVA (6 Episodes):

Official Site (English)
Official Site From The OVA (Japanese)

AnimeDB - Karas, OVA
Anime News Network - Karas, The OVA
Anime Web Turnpike - Review on the release announcement
A review on Eat My Brains

For the Mini-Comics version:

Dark Horse Site (with preview)
IComics Review

I guess it will turn out to be really something!