Thursday, March 15, 2007

Family Bones' author autograph session

Nephew of Serial Killers Promotes Comic About Family This Weekend.

Shawn Granger, author of a comic book about his own family - "Family Bones" - will be signing copies of it at the Wizard World Comic Book Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend (March 16-18).
He will be at table 2208 A&B - 2212 A&B.

The comics were a huge success at the New York Convention.

Volume #4 of the comics will be out in April '2007.

1st volume release: "Uncle And Aunt Serial Killers"
2nd volume release: "The Elders Strike Again"
4th volume preview: Family Bones #4 Available in March Previews

Shawn talks about the issue of dealing with family problems:

When you try to tell a story that hits so close to home, such as 'Family Bones', its hard not to get conflicted about it [...] There are so many sides to life and I didn't want to sensationalize anything. Reality can be scary enough. I worked really hard to give the readers an insight to the hidden horrors that you can't see behind the curtains. When the lights go out, what really happens in the darkness of your neighbors' homes? Do you even know what's happening right now in your own family?
All about Shawn's Granger presence at the Convention: Serial Killers' Nephew Writes Family Bones Comic Book, Signing At Los Angeles Wizard World This Weekend (Booth 2208).