Saturday, June 24, 2006

Horror Movie: The Garden

Another horror film that promises to be a success.
I saw the promotion movies and I liked them very much. They have really frightening images.
The plot line is very interesting. Check it out:

"Sam (Adam Taylor Gordon) is a boy with big problems: he is besieged by nightmares (sometimes religious in nature), he cuts himself and he's recently been released from a mental hospital. When he and his recovering alcoholic father (Brian Wimmer) are involved in an auto accident, they are forced to stay on a ranch owned by the enigmatic Ben Zachary (Henriksen). Soon, Sam's dark visions become frighteningly real. Even Sam's benevolent teacher (Young) gives no comfort. Amid the wheat
stalks and horse trails, the dead walk, evil is everywhere and Sam fears that an apocalyptic prophecy might come to pass."

If you want to see images and videos about this movie, please visit this site: The Garden, Media Player

You can see the complete press-release »» here ««

Comes out July 11

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